PROTEC facility solutions - optimized operating costs

PROTEC Facility Solutions identifies with company and customer high level demands and needs

Experience in the fields of project management and technical service in conjunction with great partnerships - PROTEC Facility Solutions building management.

The service
» Plant Operation 
provides optimized and secure operation.

Added value through the service
» Technical Building Management
Added value on customer-specific requirements through the business fields Project Management and Technical Service.

The services
» Integrated Building Management
extends technical building management to all facets of commercial and infrastructural building management.

Outstanding Service

Total building lifecycle service managed by an experienced Facility Manager. Supported by dedicated infrastructural or technical personnel. The fields of infrastructure (for example all types of reception services, cleaning, security, etc.) and commercial building management operated by competent and long standing partners.  

PROTEC System Operation and Maintenance

PROTEC Facility Solutions - specialists for complex technical systems and plants

Safe and sustainable operation of buildings and facilities with PROTEC Facility Solutions.

Standard building technology, electric, refrigeration, air-conditioning, heating, ventilation and sanitary, building automation technology, security technology and special equipment: Building with a wide range of technical systems must meet statutory requirements, must be free from defects and safe to operate.

Guaranteed Security with PROTEC Facility Solutions

PROTEC Facility Solutions operates all equipment according to the latest technical and legal requirements, provides preventive maintenance and guarantees trouble-free operation.

PROTEC Facility Solutions expertise includes all services to operate and maintain buildings and technical installations in the long term and to optimize costs.

Building operation or operational processes - PROTEC Facility Solutions specialists offer best service with extensive practical knowledge and experience:

  • initial investigation and documentation
  • put into operation
  • monitoring | measuring | controlling
  • maintenance
  • equipment history
  • troubleshooting
  • optimizing
  • shut-down
  • warranty tracking

PROTEC Facility Solutions technical emergency service available 24 hours a day and 365 days the year.

PROTEC Facility Solutions examine, document and evaluate equipment

  • competent testing
  • expert examination
  • risk assessments

PROTEC Technical Building Management

PROTEC Facility Solutions - increases user satisfaction

The PROTEC Facility Solutions team plans and executes optimization in operation and maintenance, starting by detailed record of the current state.

Cost Optimization and Sustainability

A central point can be cost optimization by reducing energy costs. PROTEC Facility Solutions provide the best possible components and demonstrate optimal results.

Planning Security

Based on certificate compliant records as well as optimized maintenance and monitoring the PROTEC Facility Solutions team achieves the indentified goal :

  • higher plant safety
  • highest system availability
  • optimizing equipment and plants
  • optimizing operating costs
  • budget calculation
  • highest user satisfaction
  • predictable maintenance costs
  • establish quality and safety-systems

PROTEC Facility Services Operation and Maintenance

 The Protec Facility Solution services » Maintenance and Inspection and » Repair are based on and in accordance with:

  • operation and maintenance DIN 31051
  • organisation of German plant and maschinery construction (VDMA 24186 part 1-7)
  • federal and state organisation of mechanical and electrical technologies (AMEV)
  • operation and maintenance according to manufacturer's instructions
  • documentation with computer aided facility management (CAFM) support

as well as

  • management of plant and equipment archives
  • warranty tracking.

PROTEC Facility Solutions operation and maintenance equals transparency, legal certainty and predictability.

PROTEC Integrated Building Management

PROTEC Facility Solutions - increases value by optimized performance

Integrated Facility Management

PROTEC Facility Solutions offer:

  • technical building management
  • infrastructural building management
  • commercial building management

PROTEC Facility Solutions can respond to complex issues in a comprehensive and reliable manner. The PROTEC Facility Solutions team provides efficient and reliable operation on industrial, commercial, government and private buildings and facilities.

Infrastructural and commercial building management are operated by long standing competent partners.

Management and Service Concepts

PROTEC Facility Solutions links all services, trades and processes to support the property. PROTEC Facility Solutions develop individual, demand-oriented management and service concepts while the client focuses on  core business.

  • improve quality and cost optimization
  • transparency in performance
  • continuous optimization of building and facility processes

PROTEC Facility Solutions facility managers are competent partners for all matters related to customers needs.

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