PROTEC Facility Solutions - guarantee´s technical functionality

The PROTEC Facility Solutions Team provides 

  • efficient and profitable management and 
  • smooth operation of the technical and structural facilitie components.

PROTEC Facility Solutions - Performing Services

The Service » Maintenance and Inspection
assures compliance with the latest regulatory and technical standards for building and facility operation.

The Service » Repair
offers best technical solutions to add value and ensure lasting value to facilities.

The Service » Special Plant Construction
provides flexibility in equipment expansion and new complex technical systems.

Service on all technical matters

  • qualified and motivated personnel
  • technologie according to the latest state of the art
  • continious quality management

PROTEC Maintenance and Inspection

PROTEC Facility Solution - partner for complex maintenance and inspection contracts

Technical Planning and Staging of Maintenance and Inspection

PROTEC Facility Solutions sets standards for management and technical implementation of complex maintenance contracts.

  • Professional maintenance and inspection of technical equipment and systems.

  • Standard-compliant and financially optimized monitoring.

  • Optimized teamwork of administrative and operational maintenance staff.

  • Technologies, according to the latest state of the art.

  • Experience in dealing with facility-specific utilization concepts.

Safety Tests

PROTEC Facility Solutions offer service and maintenance:

  • standard building technologies

  • safety inspections according to accident prevention regulations, E.g.

  • BGV (workers association safety guidelines/German equivalent to OSHA)

    • BGV A

    • BGV A6

    • BGV 232

  • fire alarm systems according DIN 14675

and for other special purposes.

Measurement and Analysis Procedures

State of the art measurement technology with testing, evaluation and analysis options. Thermal imaging cameras and special equipment help to identify heat loss, leakage and overheating.

PROTEC Facility Solutions ensures error detection on expendable parts to prevent outages from occuring, saving time and money.


Legal requirements

The PROTEC Facility Solutions team maintains up-to-date information on all new changes to legal and technical matters.

PROTEC Facility Solutions offers timely information about:

  • modified requirements and regulations
  • new developments
  • potential energy savings

This can and will be included in routine maintenance.

Total Package Contracts

Optimal facility and plant operation from PROTEC Facility Solutions collective capabilities is advantagious:

  • highly qualified personnel

  • knowledge of your real estate

  • transparency in maintenance

  • experienced contact person

Umbrella contracts for individual technical trades or complete systems.


PROTEC Facility Solutions - partner for complex repairs of technical equipment



PROTEC Facility Solutions expertise, with inhouse qualified personnel,  include services in the areas

  • structural and technical building restoration and

  • system repair of all electrical, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing and sanitary up to energy/heating systems



PROTEC Facility Solutions offers the best solutions to increase value and sustain lasting plant value.

  • cost estimates

  • investment advice

PROTEC Special Plant Construction

PROTEC Facility Solutions - engineering and plant inventory expansion

The PROTEC Facility Solutions service for special engineering and minor construction includes plant expansion to optimize:

  • HVAC

    • split systems
    • refrigeration technology for supermarkets
    • changing of components for energie saving
    • etc.

  • power supply

    • UPS units
    • electric generators
    • etc.

  • existing facility expansion and optimization

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