PROTEC Facility Solutions - supports value enhancing activities

PROTEC Facility Solutions »Portfolio Properties
helps achieving optimal results concerning:

  • repair
  • renovation
  • restoration and modernisation

PROTEC Facility Solutions » Property Investments
supports new construction of buildings and supporting facilities. Benefit from PROTEC Facility Solutions operating experience, economic network and integrated portfolio of services:

  • acquisition terms for the investors
  • planning
  • bidding and solicitation process
  • project execution

PROTEC Facility Solutions for private, commercial and government properties

PROTEC Facility Solutions - partners to secure the future

PROTEC Facility Solutions support facilities on properties or planned investments in the areas of:

  • repair and refurbishment
  • renovation and reconstruction
  • upgrade and modernization

PROTEC Facility Solutions - partners to achieve goals

Individually defined services regarding project management and integrated services, extending beyond project completion:

  • concept development
  • planning
  • cost estimating
  • draft and final specifications
  • bidding and solicitation
  • subcontractor management
  • project control
  • technical reports and special services
  • construction 
  • guaranty and warranty management

PROTEC Facility Solutions - Project Support

When considering the sum of all activties realized on a construction project, it is critical to recognize the value of optimal project management, comprehensive project development and control.

PROTEC Facility Solutions provides the right solutions:

  • comprehensive coordination 
  • cost analysis and control
  • execution simplification

PROTEC Facility Solutions support projects in terms of decisions made regarding:

  • function
  • construction
  • standards and design
  • quality
  • costs and schedules

PROTEC Facility Solutions - Partner

PROTEC Facility Solutions beginns at contract award and guarantees professional implementation of decisions made concerning all aspects of the scope of services.

All project related duties regarding the:

  • user
  • financial team
  • public agencies
  • public

can be adopted by PROTEC Facility Solutions.

Core competencies include:

  • intensely tracking required approvals and permits 
  • contract compliance enforcement
  • professional support of client needs, rights and duties

Perform negotiations with:

  • project-specific partners
  • contractual partners
  • public and governmental regulatory partners

PROTEC Facility Solutions ensures project objectives in terms of use, quality, cost and time frame.

PROTEC Facility Solutions - Services

PROTEC Facility Solutions integrated service approach assumes the individual

  • consulting and implementation

on special assignments for private and public clients construction operations and individually defined services:

  • preparation
  • planning
  • costing
  • preparation of bills
  • tenders
  • subcontracting
  • project controlling
  • project execution
  • warranty management

PROTEC Property Investment

PROTEC Facility Solutions - partner in protecting your investment

PROTEC Facility Solutions provides comprehensive services to support specific property investments:

  • planning
  • acquisition terms for investors
  • tenders | technical proposals | concepts
  • subcontracting
  • project execution
  • warranty management

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